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About Us

Welcome to Alternative Tattoo. Founded in 1995 we have been the purveyors of body art in the greater Portland Oregon, and Beaverton Oregon area for over 17 years. Over the years some of the best tattoo artist in the industry has tattooed here, including the great S.F. old school tattooer Henry Goldfield. This tattoo parlor near the scenic Hillsdale neighborhood is the longest running shop on Portland's west side.
     Our multi-talented artist will work with you to meet all of your body art needs.  Classic tattoo designs are in abundance here, and we also do custom tattoos. If you have  just an idea we  design tattoos as well. Our tattoo artist often design tattoos from images our clients bring in on their smart phones. Google is also another resource our clients use for tattoo ideas. 
      Want a tattoo but not sure how to go about it.This is the tattoo place for you. Give us a call and set up a time for a consultation. We will sit down  and figure out what the right tattoo is for you. This is an old school tattoo shop where there is no middleman.When you come in you talk directly to an artist. There ere no rock star attitudes here. We supply a clean safe relaxed environment so your visit to our tattoo place will be  a positive one.
     Gary Fiendish is the tattooist and shop owner. He started getting tattooed in 1988 from the local old school tattoo shops around the Portland area many of his tattoos are by local legends like Terry Tweed,Tom Slick,Eagle,Frank Fumano, and Rusty Savage. He eventually apprenticed under Frank Fumano, and then bought the classic tattoo shop five years later, and continues there today decorating his clients with permanent body art.